Discover What Horses Can Teach You with Equine Partnering

Heart-felt Leadership


Authentic leadership depends on a focused mind and honest heart. Let horses teach you how to be a leader, worthy of being followed.

Team Building


A shared experience that brings groups together to learn from the herd & true team building  that relies on  every members' gifts. 



As prey animals, equines are hyper- aware and live 100% present at all times. To BE with them teaches us how to be present,  emotionally honest, and grounded  and what it is to be congruent. Moments of peace that build resiliency in the hectic pace of modern life.



Horses don't lie and pay no regard to gender, status, or physical limitations. They connect heart to heart  providing instantaneous, honest feedback that allows us to see ourselves as we truly are, setting the stage for empowering moments of insight, creativity, and healing.



Equines have their own complex, non-verbal language. When we learn to communicate with them in their language we improve our  awareness & ability to read others, equine & human.

Transformation & Joy


 Equine Partnering  provides ah ha moments that transform people.