Equine Partnering Sessions & Workshops


Sessions, for individuals or small groups


Team Building , Leadership, & Discover Your Archetype Workshops


Equine Therapy



Equine Partnering Workshops for Your Group

Leadership & Team Building   Equine Partnering  workshop for your professional group,  organization, friends,  or family that promote awareness,  inter-personal relationships, heart centered communication,   &  mindfulness.

Discover Your Archetype Workshop

Learn which tribal archetypes you align with,  in this informative workshop,  that promotes understanding  of self and others.   Epala®: Who Are You Personality Assessment  included. Limited  to  6  participants. 

Contact us to make an appointment to bring your professional team, family, or friends. 

Discover Your Archetype Workshop may also be lead at your location. Contact us at 434/941-6485 to schedule your  workshop.

Equine Partnering Sessions

Equine Partnering sessions for individuals, or small groups, to explore heart-led  leadership and personal empowerment.  Call 434/941-6485 to schedule a session.

 For deeper issues Louise teams up with Christine Bowers, LFMT.  Please click the button below for additional info & to schedule an Equine Therapy session

Down on the Farm Visits

 Bring the family , or your friends, for a  Down on the Farm visit to meet the herd. Groom , lead, and connect to horses, scratch a donkey's ear, meet  a mule, pet  goats, and more. Wholesome, heart warming  fun for the young and young at heart.  Contact us to set up your visit.