Equine Partnering Sessions & Workshops


Personalized Equine Partnering sessions to connect to the herd.


Half day discovery workshops guided by horses.


Equine Therapy with Christine Bowers, LFMT



Equine Partnering Workshops for Your Group

   Equine Partnering  workshop for your professional group,  organization, friends,  or family that foster awareness,  inter-personal relationship building, &  heart centered communication.

Workshops include Epala® Who Are You Personality Assessment

Learn which tribal archetypes  you align with  using the   Epala®,  Who Are You Personality Assessment 

Equine Partnering Sessions

Equine Partnering sessions for individuals, or small groups, to explore heart-led  leadership and personal empowerment.  Call 434/941-6485 to schedule a session.

 For deeper issues Louise teams up with Christine Bowers, LFMT.  Please click the button below for additional info & to schedule an Equine Therapy session