Equine Partnering Sessions & Workshops


Personalized Equine Partnering sessions to connect to horses, nature & self


Discovery Equine Partnering Workshops

   Interested in connecting with horses but don’t necessarily want traditional horseback riding lessons? Join us for an Equine Partnering workshop to discover what it is to be horse-like. Participates will study the non-verbal Language of Equus, practice being aware and present, and consider the differences between predator and prey species. Workshops last for 3 hours and are for 4-6 participants, 10  or older. Sign-up with a friend or family member for a unique shared experience. Participants should dress for the weather and wear closed-toe substantial shoes or boots.

Equine Partnering Workshops currently offered

Equine Partnering Four Fundamentals Workshop

Explore four fundamental concepts: respect, trust, justice and joy through the eyes of a horse. 

Equine Partnering Our Stories Workshop

Guided by horses and archetypes look at personal stories and the beliefs behind them.

Equine Partnering Heartfelt Leadership Workshop

Discover what it takes to have a horse be a willing partner and follow your lead.

Equine Partnering Team Building Workshop 

Strengthen relationships and practice teamwork while building understanding and empathy.

Equine Therapy with Christine Bowers, LFMT



Equine Partnering Workshops for Your Group

   Customized  Equine Partnering  workshop for your professional group,  organization, friends,  or family that foster awareness,  inter-personal relationship building, &  heart centered communication.

Epala® Who Are You Personality Assessment

Learn which tribal archetypes  you align with  using the   Epala®,  Who Are You Personality Assessment 

Equine Partnering Sessions & workshops

For Equine Partnering sessions & workshops  call 434/941-6485 or email louise@equinepartnering.com

 For deeper issues Louise teams up with Christine Bowers, LFMT.  Please click the button below for additional info & to schedule an Equine Therapy session