Tarpans in Need

Tarpans are affectionate, curious and full of common sense and are an ancient horse  breed that allow us to trace the historical  roots of modern day horses. There is a herd of Tarpans  in Virginia being dispersed that need  homes before it is too late. Their situation is critical. Learn more about this  incredible breed by visiting their site listed below.  

DIY Equine Products


Sage Mare Insect Repellent

I mix liquid soap, I like peppermint Dr. Bronner's, for  an emulsifier with essential oils and water together to mix a non-concentrate used for stable spray . Follow label directions carefully for proper dilution ratio.

Non-toxic Insect Repellent Recipe

 1 quart water

1 tablespoon liquid soap 

2 teaspoons  lemon eucalyptus oil

1 teaspoon geranium oil

To make a more effective, but not non-toxic, fly spray add pyrethroid insecticide  concentrate, usually used for stable sprayers . Follow label directions carefully for proper dilution ratio. This is a toxic poison. Be cautious and smart using it.

Bent Post Farm Thrush Control

I like to mix copper sulfate, bought at garden farm supply stores for algae control in ponds, with vinegar and Tea Tree oil for thrush. Does a great job and much less expensive then buying small bottles of thrush control ready made products. To 1 cup vinegar, add  I tablespoon copper sulfate crystals  and 1 teaspoon Tea Tree oil. Shake well.

Essential oils: Dilute, Dilute, Dilute


Be Cautious Using Essential Oils

Horses and dogs have large nasal cavities  and a keener sense of smell than humans. It is easy to offend, and even hurt  them, with  essential oils.  Use guidelines for the elderly and children when using essential oils  with animals and avoid, or use with extreme caution,  oils that burn or are toxic, like Penny Royal, clove,  and oregano. Dilute essential oils before using and use them sparingly. There is lots of info out thereabout essential oils so do a little research before you introduce them to animals.

When using 100%  pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to horses for emotional or physical support , I always offer essential oils to horses at a distance , 2-3 feet from their  nose, and let them decide if they would like to take a whiff or not. If they're not interested I accept their right to decline. If they show interest I allow them to take in the aroma, as they choose, by holding my hand up to and covering the rim of the bottle, to protect against someone deciding to taste and biting the glass bottle, and let the horse smell as much or little as they like. Oils my horses prefer are Petit Grain, Sweet Orange, Lavender, and Chamomile to name a few.


Mentors, Friends, & Collegues

Additional Resources



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