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 Discover what horses can teach you about  awareness,  heart-felt leadership, team building,  & personal empowerment.

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Discover Your Archetype Workshop

Discover how tribal archetypes align with  personality tendencies  with the Who Are you: Epala® Personality Assessment for a fun and enlightening journey of self-discovery that promotes awareness, understanding and more thoughtful inter-personal relationships.  Contact us to make an appointment to bring your class, professional team, family, or friends or let us bring the archetypes to you.

Email Louise at  louise@equinepartnering.com  to learn more

Louise Goodling & Bent Post Farm

Louise Goodling


I was born horse crazy and lucky enough to have a pony, Happy,  arrived in my life when I was eight .  In high school, I met my first great equine mentor, Mrs.  White, an incredible horse woman who bred  Appaloosas and took me under her wing. I went on to ride on a collegiate team at Hollins University and on graduation worked professionally as trainer and instructor. In the 90s, with two small boys, I  pulled away from horses professionally to teach elementary school for a few years but horses called me back and I returned to training and teaching in 2007,  when I accepted a position at Sweet Briar College as an instructor and went on to coach at SBC for over a decade, specializing in hunter field riding, Natural Horsemanship, and Equine Facilitated Leadership. In 2018,  I completed  the Epala® apprenticeship program, with Dr. Juli Lynch and began my journey with Equine Partnering.

Peace at the End of the Englande Rock Road


A place of peace to connect to self, nature and others, 2-legged and 4-legged.

Bent Post Farm


Bent Post Farm is nestled  up against the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Afton, Virginia, overlooking the beautiful Rockfish Valley,  & home to the Goodling's, an assortment of farm animals, Equine Partnering, and Goat Busters.  



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Equine Partnering

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